“You. Incorporated.”

with Bradley Phillips, President of Prestige Nationwide, LLC

In Episode 2.7, Jordan interviews Bradley Phillips, the President of Prestige Nationwide LLC. Bradley has worked for some of the top medical device companies in the world and rose rapidly through the ranks at Medtronic before leveraging his significant Neuromodulation pain sales expertise, contacts and relationships into starting a consulting business for himself in this niche of the industry. In this discussion, we talk about how Bradley made this decision, the steps he took, the challenges in running his own business and the rewards of becoming a business owner.

In this episode, recruiting expert, Jordan Chase, features Bill Flanagan and together, they go deep into the evolution of neuromodulation.  They discuss the role of physicians and clinical experts and what top sales representatives do differently to win and establish long-term success in this niche. 


Bill is a staggeringly accomplished individual. His awards range from being a Six-Time All-Star Trip Winner to Two-time President’s Club Winner, and the only District Manager at Medtronic Pain to exceed quota for 5 years!  Bill is a “Master” in this industry and brings a wealth of insight covering over 20 years of experience in Neuromodulation.  This episode will keep you listening in as they close talking about current medical advances and other future changes they believe is forthcoming in this major-growth industry.