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From interview tips to recruitment comics and everything in between, our blog will cover an array of topics about working in the medical device industry

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Interviewing Today in Medical Devices

Jordan Chase, President and Founder of Chase MedSearch, was the inaugural guest on a new medical device podcast — “MED DEVICE UNLEASHED.”
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Comic: The Awards

A humorous look at a Sales Rep. that brought everything to the table during an interview, and we mean everything!
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Shaking Hands

Partnership in 2 Minutes

I realize that there are recruiters out there who waste people’s time. Nevertheless, when I contact someone I don’t know
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Always Be Ready

You’ve probably heard of ABC (Always Be Closing) but have you heard of ABR (Always Be Ready)? Recently someone in
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From Pharma to Medical Devices

A topic of ongoing discussion in medical device hiring circles continues to be pharmaceutical reps transitioning into medical devices. When
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Passion vs. Experience

Sometimes a very experienced medical device sales rep. is up against a relatively inexperienced rep. for a job they both
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Reverse Engineering Your Medical Device Career

I was talking to a friend and hiring manager recently and he observed that more and more medical device jobs
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