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Launching the Chase MedSearch Podcast

In early 2020, I had a chance to do something I’ve thought about for a while, and I’m super excited to announce:  

We launched our medical device podcast!

What is the Chase MedSearch Podcast?

This podcast dives deep into the world of the medical device sales industry. We interview industry leaders and experts about:

  • Their experiences
  • Lessons they’ve learned
  • Keys points for growing and developing your brand

We also offer advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.  We’ll show you how to get in, stay in and evolve in this niche of the industry.

How can I listen to the show?

Stream episodes of our podcast right here from the website, or subscribe using one of the apps listed below!

We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! Shout out to Jamie Tipton with his excellent Med Device Unleashed podcast for the inspiration.