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About the episode

  • EP. 2.6
  • • February 3, 2021 •
  • 1:04:33

Jordan interviews Adolph Escobedo. Adolph has extensive experience in leadership development, gained from the US Navy, Acelity/KCI and his own consulting business, in creating and running medical device sales management development programs and training.  Adolph shares with us his expertise in identifying, promoting, and developing individual contributors into top medical sales managers.  He addresses what Sales Representatives can do within their current role to prepare to take on sales management responsibility, and goes in depth with the immediate transition from a top performing rep into sales management. Adolph and Jordan also discuss the key steps on how to manage a team of former peers and how to ask diagnostic questions of your sales team without causing undue concern in order to get the best possible information on how to help accelerate performance.

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Developing Medical Device Sales Managers