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What’s the ‘State of the Union’ for the MedTech jobs market? While it’s true that companies have more aggressive hiring goals than ever, today’s ideal candidate looks different than the pre-pandemic profile. To learn more, we sat down with Jordan Chase, president of Chase MedSearch, who helps build sales teams for startup, mid-sized, and global medical device clients.

In 2021, he’s seeing hiring managers play it safe by short-listing the experienced reps who already have a robust contact list to show off. When the number of prospects in your phone matters more than the details on your resume, how can you catch a break as a new rep? In this interview, Jordan shares practical ways to differentiate yourself with tech-savvy, C-suite selling, and good old-fashioned hustle.

 In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What it means to position yourself as a consultant—not a salesperson
  • How to take ownership of patient education and patient demand
  • The realities of “assembly line medicine”
  • How to better leverage previous B2B experience when breaking into MedTech

Plus, we dig into the importance of establishing a consistent program for self-development.

In this episode, recruiting expert, Jordan Chase, features Bill Flanagan and together, they go deep into the evolution of neuromodulation.  They discuss the role of physicians and clinical experts and what top sales representatives do differently to win and establish long-term success in this niche. 


Bill is a staggeringly accomplished individual. His awards range from being a Six-Time All-Star Trip Winner to Two-time President’s Club Winner, and the only District Manager at Medtronic Pain to exceed quota for 5 years!  Bill is a “Master” in this industry and brings a wealth of insight covering over 20 years of experience in Neuromodulation.  This episode will keep you listening in as they close talking about current medical advances and other future changes they believe is forthcoming in this major-growth industry.